Wide-ranging scope of Adria-HUB satisfies Priority 1 regarding “economic, social and institutional cooperation” in the Adriatic area by funding an institutional network between academic, entrepreneurial and business organisations and companies with direct impact on 5 countries and large part of Adriatic area. Specific objectives of project unambiguously satisfy Measure 1 – “Research&Innovation”, since the essential aim of this large inter-regional network is to improve the research capacity and the degree of industrial innovation in the whole Adriatic area, implementing a “business-driven” research and educational approach.

A sustainable process of social and economical development has to pass the fundamental steps of:

1) definition of technological challenges and objectives
2) scientific research and growth of knowledge
3) improvements in high education and professional training
4) transfer of technological knowledge and human capital
5) product and process innovation
6) optimisation of life-cycle according to the eco-sustainability.

Following this sequential approach, Adria-HUB will propose a mechanism for supporting a wide cooperation of universities and industry by:

    Building a sustainable hub of intellectual/human capital. The hub will be based on an innovative ICT platform connecting graduates from 72 universities in Italy (64 connected to AlmaLaurea), Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and BiH with the demands of companies from those countries as work force.
    Creating a sustainable platform, filling the communication gap between the academic R&D offers of services and the R&D needs in productive sector.
    Testing the new methodology for cooperation on a selected primary industrial sector as target particularly relevant in the local economies (wood processing) by creation of a list of high-potential innovative companies and selection of a panel of graduates, in order to carry out relevant training activities, and facilitate the transfer of technology between University and involved businesses. Adria-HUB aims to drive university research toward a common path of innovation, merging the scientific curiosity of researchers with demands of competitiveness from enterprises. As social objective, the project is going to promote the correct positioning on the Adriatic labour market of qualified human resources, facilitating the employment of graduates by merging personal skills with industrial needs. Joining these two complementary aspects, technological know-how and human expertise, a prolific environment for innovation will be realized on the Adriatic area and efficiently offered to large enterprises and SMEs as support for their innovation. Improving research capacity, encouraging transfer of innovation, rising competence levels, reinforcing high educational training, facilitating the employment of graduates, promoting joint activities and focusing on a key sector are direct outputs coherent with the Programme Priority and Measure.