1) Registration

The user performs a registration by filling the registration form. After completing the procedure, the user registered can edit the company information and change his password. Moreover he can edit the users of his enterprise by adding other users and editing their information.

2) Search CV and Download

A registered user can perform a search by selecting the different criteria from the search form. On the result page, the user can:
•    Check the inserted criteria
•    Reload the filled search form in order to modify the search
•    Save the search in order to launch it again in future
•    See the preview of the CV (without the personal/contact information of the graduate)
Only after the activation by the staff for the “CV download” product, an enterprise user will be able to select and download the found CVs.
The download can be made from the download list page, where it is indicated also the expiring date.

3) Job Offer creation and approval

A registered user can create a job offer by filling the form with the information needed (some of them are mandatory). The saved Job Offer will be placed in a draft state. Once saved, the user can see the preview of the offer and edit it.
Only after the activation by the staff for the “Board Job Offers” product, an enterprise user will be able to approve a job offer. After this, the job offer won’t be published until the staff user performs the publish action.

4) Check of received CVs

The staff user which has published a job offer can check via the platform all the received candidacy for the offer. It is possible to rate the received CVs with a star rating system, to filter the results on this criteria and to perform an advanced search on them.